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Todo list - Done

Function Added in
Add other permission for teleporttoggle V2.1.13
custom messages support V2.1.11
Bugfix: if home exist, replace home V2.1.11
A way to disable custom death messages V2.1.10
Add /firework random V2.1.10
Minecraft servers offline warnings V2.1.10
Admin chat V2.1.10
/home tweak V2.1.10
Action signs V2.1.5
CommandSender nicknames (Code) V2.1.5
/permcheck V2.1.5
Add support for /setspawn per world and a special spawnpoint for new players. V2.1.4
Rounding the money to 2 decimals V2.1.4
/back message on death V2.1.3
Make /silence more advanced V2.1.1
/silence broadcast V2.1.1
Economy support V2.1.0
Add /spawn [Player] V2.1.0
/silence and /unsilence V2.1.0
/setmaxhealth V2.1.0
Better delayed teleport messages V2.1.0
/ask and /answer V2.0.10
Edit ultimatecore colors V2.0.10
mute/jail reason
/plugin list sort alphabettically
Make a small cube or circle shaped logo for UC N/A
Tutorial for building UltimateCore N/A