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Todo list
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Todo list

Function Planned for
/timber off/on
/tpblock (Block certain players for teleport requests)
/tpswap & /tpaswap
Auto answer easy/standard questions in chat.
Better /spawnmob permissions
Better permissions for ban/kick notifications
If you fly and disconnect, let you spawn on ground or keep /fly enabled.
Mail command
msg spy not visible when they talk to you or you to other players.
Multiworld inventories
Mysql support
Pay money for a command
Rewrite /plugin to be less buggy[WORLD]
World alias
/money total command
/unlimited command
A way to deny commands when a player is muted.
Add a way to add usable commands to jailed players
Auto complete enchantments
Edit offline inventories
Group format for Dynmap
Highlight name in chat
Random TP & Biome TP
Select timber tools