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Welcome to the UltimateCore website!

Ultimate Core is an easy to use plugin, that contains a lot of features.
From wellknown features as /home and /warp, to full plugin and chat management.

A small selection of our features:

• Teleporting Teleport, Homes, Warps, Spawns
• User Management Banning, Muting, Freezing, Kicking
• Chatting Custom chat, Msg & say formatting
• Admin tools Clear, Butcher, Killall, Effect, Invsee, Lag tools, Time
• World Management Disable explosions, Basic world creation, Timber

» For all features click here

Useful links and notices

• Find a bug? You can open here a ticket to report your bug.
• Video reviews Click here for a list of video reviews of Ultimate Core
• Version support The newest update does only work with 1.10. For 1.9 > V2.1.19 or older. For 1.8 > V2.1.16 or older. For 1.7 > V1.0.13 or older.
• Offline mode Currently not supported with offline mode.
• Auto updater This plugin uses Auto-Updater, Plugin Metrics and commands that retreive data from the Mojang servers, Help by disabling it click here