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Alias can be placed on the place of the first trigger. Example: /msg <Player> <Message> can be /m <Player> <Message>
<param>: Required Parameter
[param]: Optional Parameter

Usage Description
/accountstatus <Player>
Checks if an account is premium or not.
/adminchat <Message>
Private chat for admins.
/afk [Player] [Reason]
Toggle the player's afk status.
/alert <Message>
Sends everyone on the server an alert message.
/answer <Player> <Message>
Answer a question send by /ask.
/ask <Message>
Ask a question
Teleport to your location prior to tp/spawn/warp/etc.
/ban <Player> [Time] [Reason]
Ban someone from the server.
/banip <IP/Player> [Time] [Reason]
Bans the target IP.
View a list of all banned players on the server.
/broadcast <Message>
Sends everyone on the server a message.
/burn <Player> [Time]
Set a player on fire
/butcher [Type] [Range]
Kill all monsters in a certain area.
Unload unused chunks and clean up the server.
/clear [Player] [Item:[Data]] [Amount]
Clear a player's inventory.
/clearchat [Player]
Clears the chat
/compact [Hand]
Craft the items in your inventory in the most compact form.
/compass [Player]
Set the compass location of someone to your current location.
/coordinates [Player]
View the location of someone.
/createkit <Name> <Cooldown> <Description>
Creates a new kit with the items in your inventory
/custommessages <Message> [Var...]
Get a custom message from the custommessages.yml file. Type %var1, %var2, %var3, etc what you want to fill in from the chat
/damage [Player] [Damage]
Damage someone.
/deaf <Player> [Time]
Make someone not able to receive chat.
View a list of all currently deaf players.
/delhome <Home>
Remove a home.
/deljail <Jail>
Remove a jail.
/delspawn [Args...]
Remove a spawn.
/delwarp <Warp>
Remove a warp.
Converts the book in your hand to an editable book.
/editsign <1-4> [Text]
Change the text on a sign.
/effect <Player> <Effect> [Duration] [Level]
/effect <Player> clear
Give someone a certain potion effect.
/enchant <Enchantment> [Level]
Enchant the item in your hand.
/enderchest [Player]
Open the enderchest inventory of someone.
/experience [-][XP][L] [Player]
View or add/remove experience of someone.
/extinguish [Player]
Extinguish someone.
/feed [Player]
Restore someone's hunger bar.
/fireball [Type]
Shoot a fireball.
/firework [power:AMOUNT] [color:COLOR] [fade:COLOR] [shape:SHAPE] [effect:EFFECT[,EFFECT]>
/firework clear
/firework random
Spawn in or modify firework.
/fly [Player]
Enable/Disable fly mode.
/freeze <Player> [Time]
Freeze someone.
View a list of all currently frozen players.
/gamemode <Gamemode> [Player]
Change someone's gamemode.
Runs the Java tool called 'Garbage Collector'
/give <Player> <Item> [Amount] [Data[,data,...]]
Give an item to a certain player.
/god <Player> [Time]
Make a player invincible.
Puts the item in your hand on your head.
/heal [Player]
Set the health of the target player to the player's max health.
/help [Search term] [Page]
View a list of available commands.
/home [Player:][Name]
Teleport to your home.
/hunger <Amount> [Player]
Remove hunger points.
/inventory <Player> [Armor]
Open a player's inventory.
/ip [Player]
Get the server's or a player's ip.
/item <Item> [Amount] [Data...]
Give yourself a item.
/jail <Player> [Time] [Jail]
Jail someone.
View a list of all current jailed players.
Teleport to the place where you are looking at.
/kick <Player> [Reason]
Kick someone.
/kickall [Reason]
Kick everyone.
/kill [Player]
Kill someone or yourself.
/killall [Type] [Radius]
Kill all mobs in a certain radius.
/kit [Kit]
Give yourself a kit, or view the list of kits.
Summon an exploding kitty.
View the performance of the server.
View a list of online players.
/me <Message>
Message in me format.
/megasmite [Player]
Summon a lot of lighting.
View the status of the minecraft servers.
Teleport mobs using a stick.
/modify <Meta...>
Modify the meta of the item in your hand.
/money [Player]
/money set/add/remove/take [Player] <Amount>
Economy-related command.
Sets the quantity of the item in your hand to 64.
Sends you the MOTD in the chat.
/msg <Player> <Message>
Send a private message.
/mute <Player> [Time]
Make someone not able to chat.
View a list of all currently muted players.
/names <Player>
View all names a player had in the past.
/near [Range]
View a list of all nearby players.
/nick <Name> [Player]
/nick off [Player]
Set a player's nickname.
/pay <Player> <Amount>
Give someone a certain amount of your money.
/permcheck [Player] <Permission>
Check if a player has a certain permission.
/ping [Player]
View a player's ping.
/plugin load <Jar>
/plugin unload/enable/disable/reload <Plugin>
/plugin reloadall
/plugin delete <Jar>
/plugin update <Plugin>
/plugin commands <Plugin> [Page]
/plugin list
/plugin updatecheck <Plugin> [Tag]
/plugin updatecheckall
/plugin download <Tag>
/plugin search <Search term> [Page]
Plugin manager.
/potion <Effect> [Duration] [Amplifier] [Splash]
Spawn in or modify a potion.
/powertool <Command>
/powertool Add/remove <Command>
/powertool Clear/clearall/list
Bind a command to an item.
/realname <Nick>
Get the real player name of someone with a nickname.
/recipe <Item> [Recipe]
View the recipe of an item.
/removeall [Type] [Range]
Remove all entities in a certain range.
/repair [All] [Player]
Repair an item.
/reply <Message>
Reply to a private message.
Read the server rules.
/save [World]
Save all worlds.
/say <Message>
Broadcast a message.
/seen <Player>
View information about a player.
/setarmor <ArmorType> [Player]
Set someone's armor.
/setexperience <Experience>[L] [Player]
Set the experience level of a player.
/sethealth <Health> [Player]
Set the max amount of a player his health.
/sethome [Player:][Name]
Set or move a home.
/sethunger <Food> [Player]
Set the amount of food points of a player.
/setjail <Name>
Set a jail.
/setlevel <Level> [Player]
Set the experience level of someone or yourself.
/setmaxhealth <Maxhealth> [Player]
Set the max health of yourself or someone else.
/setspawn [-w] [-n] [g:GROUP]
Set the global spawn.
/setwarp <Warp>
Set a new warp, or move a warp.
/showkit <Kit>
Shows the contents and information about a kit
Disable the chat for the entire server.
/skull [Player]
Obtain the head of a player.
/smite [Player]
Throw lighting at a player
/spawn [Player]
Teleport to the spawn.
/spawner <MobType>
Set the mob type of a spawner.
/spawnmob <MobType> [Amount] [Data...]
Set a mob.
/speed <0-10> [Player]
Sets your fly and walk speed.
Toggle spymode for yourself.
/sudo <Player> <Command...>
Force a player to run a command.
/teleport [Player] <x> [y] <z> [<Yaw> <Pitch>]
/teleport <Player> [Player]
Teleport yourself or someone else.
Accept a teleport request.
/teleportall [Player]
Teleport every player on the server to a certain player or yourself.
/teleportask <Player>
Ask to teleport to someone.
Ask everyone on the server to teleport to you.
Deny a teleport request.
/teleporthere <Player>
Teleport somone to you.
/teleporttoggle [Player]
Toggles if you can receive teleport requests.
/time Day Night Ticks Disable Enable Add Query
Set the server time.
Teleport yourself to the highest location.
/ultimatecore Reload Credits Disable Version Update Convert
The ultimatecore menu comand.
/unban <Player>
Unbans the target player.
/undeaf <Player>
Undeafs the target player.
/unfreeze <Player>
Unfreezes the target player.
/unjail <Player>
Unjail someone.
/unmute <Player>
Unmute someone.
Re-enable the chat for the entire server.
View how long the server is up and running.
/uuid <Player>
View a certain player his uuid.
/vanish [Player] [Time]
Hide or show a player.
Edit a villager's trade.
/warp <Warp>
Teleport yourself to a warp.
/weather Clear Rain Thunder [Time]
Change the weather.
Open a crafting table.
/world Create Import Remove List Tp Flag
World management command.